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Wendy Christina demonstrates an unstoppable tenacity to develop an environmentally conscious & responsible brand that delivers the highest quality naturally active skin care. Her resolute passion for animal welfare and promoting the importance of living a vegan and cruelty free lifestyle resonates throughout her brand and product range.

The key focus of the range is skin hydration and cellular rejuvenation. In Australia it is particularly important to continually replenish our skin cells with moisture and vitamin C rich nutrients. Due to extreme sun exposure we are vulnerable to accelerated skin ageing and continual dehydration. Therefore we must pay particular attention to this, which means not only increasing our intake of water, but by choosing carefully what we apply to our skin.

The active ingredients throughout the Wendy Christina product range all contain high levels of natural vitamin C which does not naturally occur in the body. Therefore replenishment through a vegetable rich diet and quality skincare is imperative. Vitamins C and E are the duo powerhouse for prevention of free radical damage and restoration of healthy skin cells. The concentrated use of these two active vitamins provides a natural anti-ageing skin care solution.

Best Ethical Skincare QLD 2022‘ and ‘Best Cruelty Free Skincare Australian 2020′ by Health & Beauty Wellness Awards

Ethical Skincare Brand of the year 2022′ by Corporate Livewire Innovation and Excellence Awards 


Turrbal and Yuggera peoples,
Morningside Brisbane, QLD


Packaging and Delivery

As the business grows a priority is to create a carbon neutral or even carbon positive company. Sustainable practices along the supply chain will help to achieve this goal. One objective is to reduce consumer waste by increasing the use of post consumer recycled goods and plant derived materials for marketing and packaging purposes. 

Recycled FSC paper is used for all marketing material & 100% recycled paper for packaging material. We use recycled PET plastic for our plastic bottles which are recyclable.

Natural & organic

By using natural & organic ingredients as opposed to synthetic we are minimizing chemical waste being rinsed into our waterways and potentially upsetting the balance and health of our eco-systems.

Vegan & cruelty free

Our founder is vegan as is our brand. We are animal defenders and will never use or promote animal derived ingredients.
No ingredient or end product is or will be tested on animals. We oppose animal domination and cruelty.

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