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MOTHER SPF is a clean mineral SPF and it is their mission to make a meaningful difference in the sun care industry. Being the #1 anti-ageing product, and defence against skin cancer, it’s about time the SPF category got the attention it really deserves!

We don’t believe good sun protection should come at a compromise to your health or the environment and the best SPF is the one that you reach for every morning. That’s why Mother wanted to create a 100% clean and eco-friendly SPF that doesn’t compromise on the cosmetic appeal of a mainstream sunscreen. MOTHER now makes it easy to switch to a natural alternative. Keep your skin and the environment protected, with MOTHER SPF.

100% Natural

Australian Made



Turrbal and Yuggera peoples,
Morningside Brisbane, QLD


Made in Australia

MOTHER SPF is made in Australia with 100% solar power.

Conscious packaging

Given the current climate crisis, they have no intention adding to the planet’s issues; their tubes are made via a closed loop, Post Consumer Recycling system. This means that all of their tubes of the good stuff are made from the recyclable plastics that end up in landfill and are safe to use again.

Reef safe

MOTHER SPF do not use any chemical UV filters which studies show they have been found to contribute to the declining health of coral, resulting in coral bleaching, which essentially means it’s stressed TF out and is susceptible to disease and even death. Not such good news for our entire ecosystem! The great news is MOTHER SPF is formulated sans ANY chemical UV filters, and uses non-nano Zinc Oxide.

No animal testing & Vegan

The only people or things MOTHER SPF has been tested on is willing and able human beings. Also another big YES for being vegan. MOTHER SPF only uses plant based oils and wax, free of any animal derivatives or ingredients.

Certified organic

Organic ingredients can have 69% higher antioxidant levels than non-organic ingredients – this superior quality equals a much higher performance and reduces the risk of free radical damage. Not to mention, the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilisers or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have an unforgiving affect on our planet.

Sustainably sourced

Our Zinc Oxide is mined from within Australia. Minerals get a bad rep in the market for being associated with child labour (unfortunately in some cases they are). So we can ensure no blood diamond conditions here folks! Only fair work act conditions.


The manufacture of sunscreens is strictly regulated by the Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). All batches of MOTHER SPF are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are safe, manufactured by a TGA approved facility, that the SPF claims on the bottle are exceeded and that the quantity of approved active ingredients is present before they are released to the public. Yes, you are in good wrinkle free hands here!

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