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A vessel to help heal our people and the earth. Montana Lower is an entrepreneur, environmental engineer, activist, sustainability consultant, creator, model, ambassador and mother.

She is the founder of natural and sustainable skincare brand and self-love club, INBLUEM

Montana writes: “The thing about this industry is that it always wants to convince you that you need MORE. That you aren’t capable of experiencing the shine, the beauty, the light in you unless you have the new hot thing they’re offering. They’ll tell you it’s the new best thing that you can’t live without, and then the trend will change and suddenly you’re looking at a bathroom cupboard full of things you ‘might use one day’ and an empty space in your heart that is still searching for what they tried to sell you in the first place.

The thing is, what you are looking for can’t be bought. And what is it, you may be asking?”


Bundjalung Land, Byron Bay.


Ethical production

INBLUEM is a brand built on a philosophy of clean beauty, transparency and integrity. They draw from ancient wisdom and traditional practices to present a beauty line that encourages self love and true sustainability. From seed to skin, they’ve worked to minimise the impact on their planet by only using pure, potent and locally sourced ingredients while tracing the supply chain to ensure ethical and sustainable harvest practices are emphasized throughout their entire product line.

Indigenous recognition

INBLUEM deeply honour and respect the traditional custodians of this land in which we are so thankful to live, breathe and share on Bundjalung Land, Byron Bay.

Packaging Sustainability

INBLUEM collect empty serum bottles, for recycling. If you do not wish to return the bottles, please recycle in your recycling bin.

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